This is the church blog of On The Way Reformed Baptist Church

This blog that was started by two guys who are Reformed Baptist who share materials from other Reformed sources such as book quotes and articles, as well as things which they have studied, via their own articles. Referenced materials are always cited. The purpose of the articles and shared materials is to help our brethren grow in the love and faith of  our Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

Since then, one brother left the pastorate and no longer blogs, and the other who had joined started his own church blog.

Since it’s beginnings, the blog has become a way to share some of the sermon notes and teaching at one of the churches of the original two men who started it. Now, however, it serves to link the sermons and articles from only On The Way Reformed Baptist Church.

We hold to the Scriptures as our only rule of faith and practice, and fully subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith as a vehicle which faithfully summarizes and teaches those great doctrines of Scripture contained therein.

The Confession may be found at the above hyperlink, or HERE, along with other great articles and other resources listed on the home page of the Association Of Reformed Baptist Churches Of America.

Formerly called “Means of Grace,” this blog now goes by our church name, On The Way Reformed Baptist Church; however, it is important to note that refers to those ordinary means, described in the Scriptures, by which God, by His Spirit, brings the grace which our Lord Jesus Christ purchased for us at such great cost to his disciples on this earth. As He resides at the right hand of Majesty in His glorified body, God has ordained that prayer, preaching-teaching of the Word, reading of the Word (Meditation/Study), vital union amongst believers (fellowship), and the ordinances/sacraments are conduits through which that grace our Lord procured for us be delivered to us, via His Holy Spirit, to sustain and grow us in our union with Him and the members of His body.

Our short form Statement of Faith may be viewed HERE.

Soli Deo Gloria – Bill H.

2 thoughts on “This is the church blog of On The Way Reformed Baptist Church

  1. Bill H

    Contact me at the phone number given in the site information please, brother.

    We are about to switch web sites, and I don’t want there to be any confusion.

    The site number is my phone.

    Blessings in Christ. Leave a message if you don’t get me directly.

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